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Wentworth Miller

Did you know about Google knowledge graph? When you make searchs about people, places, Google knows what you search for and lists them accordingly. Forexample Wentworth Miller search on Google results as: Isabel is getting ready to start work on a new project called Loft. She’ll be collaborating with Wentworth Miller and James Marsden on the thriller, which is slated ... Read More »

What happens if zebra boos you?


Have you ever felt this? Zebra scaring a kid looking down from car window. I feel weird finding it funny but it is obvious kid is having hell amount of pressure and burning from pain. She is really crying 😀 Read More »

Angiography heart image – Cardiac catheterization – Life is a miracle

heart angiography image

My mom had just had angiography performed enabling visualization of her heart, veins, and blood flow. All the images were fine, only there was 30% blockage at inferior vena cava and taken care of during the procedure. I wish I could publish those video records of the procedure, it just says:”Life is a miracle“. Angiography heart image – Cardiac catheterization ... Read More »

Download Firefox 12

Update firefox 12

Firefox 12 is now available for download. You can update it manually or just visit Download new Firefox 12 by clicking the image or just visit for en-US version. It is always advised to update latest version for security reasons. Even beta, major releases are always worth to try. Check Firefox 12 release notes from: Read More »

How can I update Firefox?


It is easy to update firefox manually. If you ask “How can I update Firefox?” We would answer in a few lines. Go to Help -> About in menu. Just Apply update check from available button as it is seen in figure: If you want to read latest news from Firefox visit Read More »

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Wedding

Angelina jolie Brad Pitt Wedding

Hollywood’s famous couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got engaged. Brad Pitt’s manager Cynthia Pett-Dante confirmed at talk to People magazine that couple got engaged and their kids are really happy about it. They did not make a declaration about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s wedding date and plans. They have 6 kids, 3 adoption and 3 biological. This article ... Read More »

Push Button to Add Drama (TNT Advertisement) Best video Advertisement 2012

New Advertisement amazing Push button to Add drame. TNT Telenet. Video possibly one of the best advertisement in 2012. This is advertisement video for the new high quality channel TNT in Belgium. A button and when someone presses it, the drama starts. Push button to add drama advertisement TNT Belgium Telenet. Flemish square, Flemish town. Read More »

Best Android Wallpapers

Multi Colored Android Wallpapers

We are sharing Top 10 Android Wallpapers. These are kinda the best Android Wallpapers. chosen special for you. Now Android Smartphones will look much better with these wallpapers. We use Android phones whole day. Who doesn’t want their Android phone to have the best android wallpapers? Top 10 Android wallpapers will make our smartphones much better. In addition to covers and ... Read More »

Windows 8 shortcuts How to use Windows 8 and Windows 8 product key

Windows 8

Windows 8 took attraction with its new Metro ui. Windows 8 shortcuts are now must since it works different than previous versions. In addition to this, you might need a Windows 8 product key while you are installing Windows 8 Customer Preview. Microsoft’s new OS Windows 8 Customer Preview is really popular nowadays. Everyone is busy installing Windows 8 Customer ... Read More »

Für PC

Fur PC Technology

Do you want to read best technology articles, product reviews, technology news online? is a German site where various experts daily publish. What you can find at is: Test Für PC News Für PC Games Für PC Wallpapers Für PC ScreenShot Popular articles at Fetih 1453 AMD Trinity Zuschauerzahlen Fetih 1453 John Carter Zwischen zwei Welt… ... Read More »