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Zynga published new game: Hidden Chronicles

hidden chronicles

Zynga published their first object oriented game: Hidden Chronicles. This game is really good and we are glad to see such a game from Zynga. Zynga Zynga never published such a game like Hidden Chronicles before. Zynga aims to enrich the content of game where you are seeking hidden objects by adding social objects. The game is published in 17 ... Read More »

Android market now has over than 400000 apps

Google mobile operating system Android now has 400 thousand apps. Yes you heard right, Android Market now has 400000 applications, and growing even more daily. Android Market There was an announcement that there existed 500 thousand applications at Anroid Market however now new information doesn’t include the ones deleted, that only includes one currently used and available. Android Applications In ... Read More »

Domain names will be more expensive to reg

People who buy domains, who own domains. Just be fast. 15 January 2012 is a critical date for you. How? This article is about the domains whose prices will increase. The most used .com and .net domain names right owner Verisign had a scheduled, planned price increase. After 15 January 2012, Verisign will increase the prices of domain registering. Firm ... Read More »

Barack Obama using instagram

Barack Obama is now using instagram. Obama, as day passes, uses social networks more and more. President Obama now using instagram. Well, why he started using instagram? Social networks are one of the best tools for communicating. Especially trademarks and names use social networks to reach young population. Read More »

Yahoo now has new CEO

Yahoo, who fired their ex-CEO by phone, ended their long CEO searching. PayPal‘s ex-director Scott Thompson, became Yahoo’s new CEO. Yahoo finally decided his new CEO. Yahoo fired their ex CEO by phone in September 2011. Yes you heard right. After firing him on phone, new Yahoo CEO now is announced: Scott Thompson. Carol Bartz was fired because of big ... Read More »

Social networks will be in trouble

In 2012, a highly credible security firm Trend Micro published that Social network sites will be the aim of attacks. Social networks are now used by almost everyone.Social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+ will be under heavy attack according to Raimund Genes. Social networks, social media sites will be under attack and be threatened. In addition to that, ... Read More »

Face transplantation

Researchers found a better way to face transplant. It is a novel design, and an easier procedure. It makes you use immunosuppressants for really lowered amount of time. Face transplantation is now real. People can face transplant easily. For the ease of process, and improved procedure, new method of face transplantation is a new hope for people who get heavily ... Read More »

Drunk Bicycle driver

Drunk bicycle driver got punished. For almost 500$. If you are drunk, and if you hit a cars uncontrolled opening door, you may be in trouble, as in this situation. Don’t get drunk and say: Well I won’t be in car, I will use bicycle, it is not big deal. You may be seriously wrong like this guy. A really ... Read More »

Best notebook – Asus Ultrabook – Zenbook concept review

Best notebook – Asus Ultrabook – Zenbook concept review In this article, we are going to mention about Best notebook so far with a proper price, the Asus Ultrabook, Zenbook concept. I bought one ultrabook, Asus Zenbook, 13″ and 4GB i5 model. I loved the design, weight, keyboard, the screen and its brightness and everything. The only problem I saw ... Read More »

Wanna see how girls fall in love?

In this video, you can see how girls fall in love. True action 🙂 Read More »