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Avatar Movie 3D (2009)

James Cameron opened a new chapter on the scenes of our lives and presented us the best movie ever made. Not only its visual effects but by also its story, by reminding us the beautiful values of us that we have been disregarding most of the times. While we are developing the devices of communication faster than before, we are ... Read More »

Michael C. Hall – Dexter Morgan – Cancer

Michael C. Hall is 38 years old. He’s at the top of his profession. His role as Dexter Morgan has brought him acclaim, awards and fame. Dexter Morgan maybe a killer by night but in real life he is currently battling cancer. Michael C. Hall, 38, has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of blood cancer. This article is ... Read More »

Umida Akhmedova photojournalist in Uzbekistan facing criminal charges of insult

Pictures taken by an Uzbek photographer may land her in jail. Umida Akhmedova, a prominent photojournalist in Uzbekistan, is facing criminal charges of insulting the Uzbek people. The charges stem in part from a 2007 album of photography depicting life in Uzbekistan’s villages. Here is a slide show featuring images from the album.  Umida Akhmedova, the Uzbek [EN] documentary photographer, has been accused ... Read More »

The Holocaust – Shoah

In the history of the Jews, assault of Germany, as the strongest economic, military and cultural power of Europe, from 1933 to 1945, has changed the route of the political path of the world. During the Nazi Regime of Germany, Jews were exposed to cruelties and 6 million Jews were deported and killed during the Adolf Hitler tyranny period. Germany ... Read More »

Evil in Human Nature and Politics

One of the Renaissance philosophers is Niccolo Machiavelli, who lived in 15th and 16th centuries in Italy. He has came to the philosophy scene by his extraordinary ideas on how a prince should be and what elements should be in the core of prince’s administration. He was criticized cruelly by many thinkers because of ignoring moralities, values and religious rules in politics. Although he ... Read More »

Swine Flu Cases Rise

Today, all governments focus on to stop the spread of swine flu’s viruses that code name is H1N1. We approve of health ministry’s performance. Department officials are trying to find a real solution and inform society during the process, but are all of the informations uttered and shared? According to the reports, when a new illness appears on the world, ... Read More »

Indicators of an Era: NAMES

Names give us information about eras, circumstances of societies and cultures of those eras. While a family gives a name to their child from the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire, another one can name their children from a movie character which is popular at the time. Besides that, it is believed that if people name their children with the name ... Read More »

1994 Rwandan Genocide and Its Real Victims

States have various policies to manage other countries and manipulate their policies. They want to control others because of a serious of reasons. Sometimes for exploiting their natural resources or because of political and economical reasons. Moreover, exploitation usually causes to bad events, such as genocides. Because of such policies again for exploitation, a genocide occured in Rwanda, in 1994, ... Read More »

US-Iran Conflict on Nuclear Weapons

The conflict between Iran and US on nuclear researchs of Iran is because of the reason that US has no more power to apply sanctions to Iran on any issue. The beginning of nuclear researches of Iran is about 1950s, and CIA of US was the supporter and instructor of Iran. When we look at today’s picture, it is obvious ... Read More »

How to search and find Msc PhD positions

You are about to finish your undergraduate studies and you want to find a good graduate position which fits your needs, good per annum earning, a hot topic, a nice group at an university which has a good ranking… There are various sources to keep track of info daily. I hereby represent the three major websites that include information about ... Read More »