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About Eiffel Tower Historical Creation Photograph of Eiffel Tower Photo 360

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower is one of the most memorable structures that has ever been built. About Eiffel Tower Eiffel Tower became the symbol of France in time. No one could knew such a building to become the landmark of a country in time for so long. 6 million tourists visit Eiffel Tower in France Paris annually. Total people who visit Eiffel ... Read More »

iPad 3 The New iPad

New iPad 3 properties, iPad 3, the new iPad features. Introduction of new iPad, iPad 3 prices and what is new with new iPad? Apple’s new iPad was recently introduced. It is definitely bringing a fresh air to tablet world. Here are 3. generation iPad, iPad 3, namely the new iPad properties and features. The Name: The New iPad Before ... Read More »

Instagram app for Android

Instagram App Android

Instagram app will be available for Android. Google play, formerly Android Market will soon get Instagram app. Yes, finally, there will be Instagram app for Android. Don’t be sad if you can’t use one of the best apps found in iOS, Apple Store since you are an Android user. The reason is there will be Instagram app for Android soon. ... Read More »

Technology: Challenger explosion video

Challenger Explosion

In this video, you can view first amateur video record of Challenger shuttle explosion. First amateur video of Challenger shuttle explosion revealed. It is recorded by Jeffry and they are watching and getting amazed by the event. This sad video shows Challenger explosion. Challenger disaster video: “I was hoping to see an event that I would remember for the rest ... Read More »

What is Android?


In this article, we are going to try to answer the question “What is Android?”It is a fast growing topic and it is really important to know “What is Android?” to its full extent. What more matters in mobile computing: Hardware or software? It is definitely software when it comes to mobile computing. Android now made smartphones even smarter. Briefly, ... Read More »

Android 5 Release Date and Release Name Jelly Bean

Android 5

Google for the first time talked about Android 5.  Google made a decleration about Android 5.0, How will Android 5.0 be? What will Android 5 name will be? When Android 5 will be available? It seems like Google will change structure of Android with Android 5.  Android 4 is available but After the release of Android 4.0, people started to ... Read More »

About US: Logo


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