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Vatican’s Secret Archive going public

Vatican Archive

More than 100 of original, kept secret historical documents will be publicly available in Rome’s Capitolini Museum. Vatican was keeping these documents secret and safe at their archive for more than 400 years. There are so many important documents for World history in Vatican’s archive. There are documents from 8th century to 20th century. Among these Vatican documents are: King ... Read More »

Website Colors

It is really easy to get good ideas online for coloring your website. You can get link, hover, text colors easily. For example, enables you to select designs and colors so easily. Just know what you want and select various similar colors. Read More »

Amazing photo | Cauliflower

Macro photography, one of best picture ever. Cauliflower, really? Yes. Nature is amazing. Do you want to understand amazing pattern? Here it is: Fibanacci Pattern shown at chamomile This article is about:macro photographyamazing photographymacro Read More »

Structure Visualization

It’s generally understood by the molecular biology research community that the sequencing of the human genome, which will likely take several more years to complete, is relatively trivial compared to definitively characterizing the interactions within the proteome. Non-Static Structure Visualization Unlike a nucleotide sequence, which is a relatively static structure, proteins are dynamic entities that change their shape and association ... Read More »

Umida Akhmedova photojournalist in Uzbekistan facing criminal charges of insult

Pictures taken by an Uzbek photographer may land her in jail. Umida Akhmedova, a prominent photojournalist in Uzbekistan, is facing criminal charges of insulting the Uzbek people. The charges stem in part from a 2007 album of photography depicting life in Uzbekistan’s villages. Here is a slide show featuring images from the album.  Umida Akhmedova, the Uzbek [EN] documentary photographer, has been accused ... Read More »