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You can mention us in the internet and show your support; Just Link us. Preview text link: Get text link code: Image link preview: Get image link code: Read More »

About us is the platfrom where mostly I publish my blog posts. Mostly, these Professional, interesting, unique posts are about, Science News, Technology, Documentaries, Videos, Music, Art, Research, Health, Web Design, Networking, Apple, iPhone, Google and Making Money Online. What users would expect to view? Vast amount of Videos, Pictures, Photographs, unique well designed hand written articles about any topic that ... Read More »

Happily Validated and PageSpeed Passed is happily validated. You can check this at It feels good when you work hard on it. 🙂 Hope same happens to my seo works. Happily Validated and PageSpeed Passed Read More »

WordPress PageSpeed

PageSpeed Guidelines are must to follow for any website. For WordPress, it is even easier. Just get necessary plugins in order not to mess with code, and not to lose them when you update core. Modular changes are always best. Read More »

Website Colors

It is really easy to get good ideas online for coloring your website. You can get link, hover, text colors easily. For example, enables you to select designs and colors so easily. Just know what you want and select various similar colors. Read More »

Writing Articles

It is really easy to write articles. There are many resources over the internet, respected, not respected… so many that you can really have so much idea about the topic you are gonna write about. It is like if you really know playing one instrument, you can play many of them just looking at them around. Writing articles is easy ... Read More »

Premium WordPress themes

Some of the WordPress premium themes are just pain in the air. They are really hard to configure. While authors, designers want to give full control over a theme, they just mess it so much that you end up with something which has no relation what the designer intended to do at the end. You need to learn theme structure, ... Read More »

What is optimum length for a blog post?

There is no limit to number of words or characters in a blog post. As long as u satisfy your readers, you will be fine. Just take care of bounce rates. Bounce rate is the rate where users come from Google to your site and ta daa, they close immediately after seeing it. Google says, hmmm this is not a ... Read More »

Desktop Blogging

I used various desktop blogging tools before but I didn’t like the previous desktop blogging tools. Now Windows Live Writer seems to be very good. Desktop blogging It is really straight forward to setup a blog account. You can just enter your settings, id, password and a few more and you will be ready just like me to use desktop ... Read More »

How to find a blog post topic to write about?

I write my deviations at so many different topics.  What do you want me to prepare a research, review at site? Here are our archives page that gives idea about past tags and categories. If you wonder something and what you can find via google search is only trash? Let me know about it and we write it next. Leave ... Read More »