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What to listen


When you think, now what to listen now it is really easy to answer. Just visit YouTube. Let’s get it started and see what we will listen. Trending, Popular videos can give you an idea where to start with but Music catergory is of course the best for deciding what to listen. Read More »

All about Furnitures: Home Furniture, Office Furniture, Room Furniture


Everybody wants to have the best furniture sets available to them for the best prices. We may want to pay good amount for changing our furnitures, or buying new one. It doesn’t matter how huge our budget is, we need to find out the best options about the furnitures we want and we want to inspect them. We mostly look ... Read More »

Zynga published new game: Hidden Chronicles

hidden chronicles

Zynga published their first object oriented game: Hidden Chronicles. This game is really good and we are glad to see such a game from Zynga. Zynga Zynga never published such a game like Hidden Chronicles before. Zynga aims to enrich the content of game where you are seeking hidden objects by adding social objects. The game is published in 17 ... Read More »

Social networks will be in trouble

In 2012, a highly credible security firm Trend Micro published that Social network sites will be the aim of attacks. Social networks are now used by almost everyone.Social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+ will be under heavy attack according to Raimund Genes. Social networks, social media sites will be under attack and be threatened. In addition to that, ... Read More »

Wanna see how girls fall in love?

In this video, you can see how girls fall in love. True action Read More »

Windows 8 – Coming with the Windows Store

Windows store coming with Windows 8. Preview video by Microsoft. Here video is about Windows, Windows 8, Windows Store and one of the videos from Youtube published by Microsoft. Read More »

Listen Scorpions Wind of Change – Watch official video

Music video Scorpions Wind Of Change. (C) 1991 Listen to Wind of Change Scorpions music video. Read More »

Facebook or Google? Which is more used, Social Media Statistics

While we are counting days left to enter 2012, 2011′s social media statistics are released. From Facebook to Google +, look what happened in the internet about social networking so far at 2011. Facebook or Google? Which is more used, Here are Social Media Statistics. The effect of social networking, internet backbone, on the users is undebatable. So many users ... Read More »

How to start a day? Enjoy the music. Pirates of the Caribbean- He’s a Pirate song

Pirates of the Caribbean- He’s a Pirate song Listen One of the best music to listen to start a day with. It is refreshing, entertaining. So many different sounds in harmony, singing one music, for one outcome. Hilarious song Pirates of the Caribbean- He’s a Pirate. Enjoy. Start your day listening to Pirates of the Caribbean- He’s a Pirate song Read More »

iPhone 4S New features outlined

I am going to outline new features of iPhone 4S here. AirPlay Mirroring Airplay mirroring will make iPhone 4S as a house console that you can control your devices.   Siri – Artificial Intelligence   Siri is the artificial intelligence technology found at iPhone 4S which answers your questions and take its actions like, answering you about weather, and setting ... Read More »

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