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Hack Google Chrome win 1 million dollars

google chrome

Hack Google Chrome win 1 million dollars Hack Google Chrome and win 1 million dollars. You heard it right. Google gives 1 million dollars to the one who can pass beyond their firewalls and compromise their security. This is actually a show. Since Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, all other browsers got banged by various hackers but Google Chrome last year, ... Read More »

Google Seaview – Catlin Seaview Survey Videos

We have written two articles about Google Seaview. You can read them: GOOGLE SEAVIEW – GOOGLE STREETVIEW REEF GOOGLE STREET VIEW IN THE GREAT BARRIER REEF In this article we are going to give Google Seaview videos. Here you can watch Catlin Seaview Survey videos. Will be updated as they are available. Official Seaview videos. Read More »

Google Seaview – Google Streetview Reef

We have announced here Google streetview at Great Barrier Reef as being introduced. Now Google Seaview is available. Seaview service by Google is supplies less amount of images because the real data for service to be available to full extent is September 2012. Google now serves images from Australian Great Barrier Reef and soon they will be serving images from ... Read More »

PageSpeed 100 of 100

Here I wrote that I will not further work on 99 to make it 100. Blah, I couldn’t stop myself fixing one tiny guide to make it 100. I just fixed ? query on my css file produced by wp minify. Now it PageSpeed output looks like this: I hope we will get reward from Google ranks for this ... Read More »

Google Street View in the Great Barrier Reef

It is amazing Google enables to watch nature with Google Street view. You can view Great Barrier Reef with Google Street View. Special cameras bring sub marine online. Watch YouTube video about Google Street View in the Great Barrier Reef Read More »

WordPress Google fonts Making awesome Styles

You can make your site look awesome with web fonts. Google Fonts are really easy to use. You can use font wordpress plugins to change styles easily. Use various web fonts and just implement them. I like Google Fonts cause they are from Google and I can myself implement them easily. Although linking an outer css file may not be ... Read More »

Google Tablet

Google Tablet is on the way. Google now produces it’s own tablet. Google Android on Google Tablet will be just more than awesome. To be honest, it is so hard to wait for an awesome tablet by Google. Google quality on a tablet. Google Tablet, I hope this information is so true and we will have amazing tablets produced by ... Read More »

Google News

Good news everyone. You can use Google news to have the best news in a good oriented, classified fast way. Google news is one of the best ways online to keep track of news.  Google news pictures are just here for your service. Read news, have fun. Read More »

Trouble with Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Do you guys have sometimes trouble with Google Adwords Keywords Tool? Cause I do. Sometimes it is really hard to open it. Refresh, revisit, it just keeps waiting. Google Keywords Tool just sometimes doesn’t open, although I always use the same bookmark. I don’t get it Google. Read More »

SEO For Chrome

The extension seo for chrome is just good. Why I actually use this tool is that it can just show you DoFollow and NoFollow links with single click. Easy to install, seo for chrome is so useful for webmaster purposes. Read More »