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Angiography heart image – Cardiac catheterization – Life is a miracle

heart angiography image

My mom had just had angiography performed enabling visualization of her heart, veins, and blood flow. All the images were fine, only there was 30% blockage at inferior vena cava and taken care of during the procedure. I wish I could publish those video records of the procedure, it just says:”Life is a miracle“. Angiography heart image – Cardiac catheterization ... Read More »

Organic food is not healthier!

A new claim: Organic food is not healthier! The claim about “organic food being not healthier than regular products became the focus of a research critique and discussion. According to a report prepared for UK Food Standards Agency, organic food, compared with ordinary food is not healthier or more beneficial. Dr. Alan, carrying out the research from the University of ... Read More »

Swine flu – Sweden ‘s first death case

STOCHOLM – According to the declaration from a hospital in Uppsala city, the tests performed on a patient at the age of 30s on 28 August friday confirmed that the patient died from pathogenicity of H1N1 virus the cause of swine flu. The patient who showed flu symptoms died in her house in Uppsala. You can find introductory information about ... Read More »

How to lose weight fast

weight loss

Lose weight fast. Exercises to lose weight fast. Read More »

A new hope in treatment of cancer

Researchers found that, a newly discovered protein may have significant role in preventing the spreading of cancer. Swiss scientists that research on mice, found that, without existence of periostin protein, cancer cells cannot spread from original organ (metastasis) to others. Researcher Joerg Huelsken said that, when mice lack this protein, cancer stem cells can’t spread, just disappear or go dormancy, ... Read More »

Healthy diet to lose weight

As each new year begins, an endless amount of individuals will get lost in the cycle of trying new diets that will most likely end the same way as they always do. The truth is; diets don’t ever last, so while you may lose weight for the first month, you will most often gain it all back once you get ... Read More »

Best exercises to lose weight

Just as eating healthy, it’s important to do some exercise as well. The best exercises will contain a cardio aspect and a toning aspect, as this will allow you to see the results fastest. Top weight loss exercises, burn calories Here are the best exercises to lose weight 1) Walking / Hiking It is one of the best exercises to ... Read More »

Drugs that cause weight loss – weight loss pills

Products that cut your hunger, diuretics, and supplements: in their attempt to loose weight, many women use this kind of weight loss pills without consulting a doctor and without knowing that they expose themselves to some risks, which may be even deathly. Weight loss: Why diet pill isn’t the best choice? Weight is a problem in America today. Research has ... Read More »

How to lose weight

weight loss

The science is simple: Eating fewer calories makes you drop pounds. But depriving yourself by skimping on meals and banishing snacks only makes you hungry and pissed off. Plus, you are more likely to binge in the end anyway. The real solution lies in cutting out just a few little extra items from each meal (truly, your taste buds won’t ... Read More »

Weight loss

How to lose weight Exercize to lose weight Drugs that cause weight loss Healthy diet to lose weight The Best Exercises to Lose Weight Read More »