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Vatican’s Secret Archive going public

Vatican Archive

More than 100 of original, kept secret historical documents will be publicly available in Rome’s Capitolini Museum. Vatican was keeping these documents secret and safe at their archive for more than 400 years. There are so many important documents for World history in Vatican’s archive. There are documents from 8th century to 20th century. Among these Vatican documents are: King ... Read More »

Greece ‘s elections – Greece votes for new government

Greeks vote today, sunday, to most likely produce a change in the government. Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis, 53, and opposition leader George Papandreou, 57, are both scions of political families are the two leading candidates in the elections today, 04 October 2009. Papandreou has hammered Karamanlis’ economic record, accusing him of squandering an opportunity for growth after the 2004 Athens ... Read More »

IMF ‘s director Kahn attacked by shoes

A journalist, at the conference given at Bilgi University, Istanbul, attacked Kahn by throwing shoes and yelling “IMF go away from TURKEY”. After the protest, IMF managing director said that It was important for us to be talking in a so open way. I was glad to see Turkish students and one more thing I learnt from my journey that, ... Read More »

Samoan Islands quake tsunami risk

2009 September 29 17:48:11 UTC WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A tsunami warning was issued for New Zealand and other small Pacific islands after a major 7.9 magnitude quake struck in the ocean off American Samoa, U.S. government agencies said on Tuesday. This article is about:yesw9g Read More »

RapidShare Sets Rules – Reduce download Speed


RapidShare set rules to reduce download speed, regulate it after MegaUpload’s closure. It seems that they got scared like every other file service after MegaUpload failure. In order to decrease pirate sharing at RapidShare they decided to lower file download speed for public downloads. This will make RapidShare not the best choice for sharing illegal content. It is almost useless ... Read More »

Google Tablet

Google Tablet is on the way. Google now produces it’s own tablet. Google Android on Google Tablet will be just more than awesome. To be honest, it is so hard to wait for an awesome tablet by Google. Google quality on a tablet. Google Tablet, I hope this information is so true and we will have amazing tablets produced by ... Read More »

Google News

Good news everyone. You can use Google news to have the best news in a good oriented, classified fast way. Google news is one of the best ways online to keep track of news.  Google news pictures are just here for your service. Read news, have fun. Read More »

Update on the new version of Google Analytics

New year Google brings new updates. Now it is time for Google analytics update. Now Google analytics will make your life easier. You can read Google analytics update article here. What is new about Google Analytics? There are various things Google analytics is updating. It seems that it will be much more better compared to before. Email, scheduling and pdf ... Read More »

Google Privacy Policy Change

This article is about Google privacy policy change. There has been a Google privacy policy change. As Google says: There will be one policy, easy to read and one Google experience. Google privacy policy change seems to make easy to understand, friendly Google privacy policy. More will come about the news. Here you are:   One policy, one Google experience ... Read More »

Android market now has over than 400000 apps

Google mobile operating system Android now has 400 thousand apps. Yes you heard right, Android Market now has 400000 applications, and growing even more daily. Android Market There was an announcement that there existed 500 thousand applications at Anroid Market however now new information doesn’t include the ones deleted, that only includes one currently used and available. Android Applications In ... Read More »