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Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark Noah’ (or Noe, Noyach; Hebrew: נֹחַ, נוֹחַ, Modern Noaẖ Tiberian Nōăḥ; Arabic: نوح Nūḥ; Greek: Νωέ) was, according to the Bible, the tenth and last of the antediluvian Patriarchs; and a prophet according to the Qur’an. The biblical story of Noah is contained in the book of Genesis, chapters 6–9; he is also found in the passage ‘Noah’s ... Read More »

1.5 Million Facebook Accounts Hacked – Login IDs For Sale

1.5 Million Facebook Accounts Hacked stolen – Login IDs For Sale Want a great deal on a Facebook account? A Russian hacker who calls himself “kirllos” claims he can sell you 1,000 unsuspecting users’ login credentials for just $25, or $45 if the accounts have more than 10 friends each. Kirllos‘ prices are incredibly cheap compared to other scams for ... Read More »

Mississippi tornado

Mississippi tornado Greg Flynn, a spokesman for the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, said that unlike the tornadoes typical for the area this time of year, “we don’t see tornadoes that are three-quarters of a mile wide here. This is clearly the worst tornado in decades.” Left, the remains of a bar in Yazoo City. Read More »

Supersize quantum mechanics

It is so interesting that a team of scientists has succeeded in putting an object large enough to be visible to the naked eye into a mixed quantum state of moving and not moving. Largest ever object put into quantum state. Hands in motion (hands have motion blur) doing a drum roll on an old brass snare drum. A quantum ... Read More »

Baghdad – Iraq suicide killers

Baghdad (Arabic: بغداد‎ Baġdād, Persian: بغداد) , meaning “Given by God (in Persian)”, is the capital of Iraq and of Baghdad Governorate, with which it is coterminous. Having a municipal population estimated between 5 and 7.5 million, it is the largest city in Iraq and one of the two largest in the Arab World (including Cairo). Located on the River ... Read More »

Haiti Earthquake

Haiti (pronounced /ˈheɪtɪ/; French Haïti, pronounced: [a.iti]; Haitian Creole: Ayiti, Haitian Creole pronunciation: [ajiti]), officially the Republic of Haiti (République d’Haïti ; Repiblik Ayiti) is a Caribbean country. Along with the Dominican Republic, it occupies the island of Hispaniola, in the Greater Antillean archipelago. Ayiti (land of high mountains) was the indigenous Taíno or Amerindian name for the mountainous western ... Read More »

Michael C. Hall – Dexter Morgan – Cancer

Michael C. Hall is 38 years old. He’s at the top of his profession. His role as Dexter Morgan has brought him acclaim, awards and fame. Dexter Morgan maybe a killer by night but in real life he is currently battling cancer. Michael C. Hall, 38, has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of blood cancer. This article is ... Read More »

Umida Akhmedova photojournalist in Uzbekistan facing criminal charges of insult

Pictures taken by an Uzbek photographer may land her in jail. Umida Akhmedova, a prominent photojournalist in Uzbekistan, is facing criminal charges of insulting the Uzbek people. The charges stem in part from a 2007 album of photography depicting life in Uzbekistan’s villages. Here is a slide show featuring images from the album.  Umida Akhmedova, the Uzbek [EN] documentary photographer, has been accused ... Read More »