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Macro Photographs

Seed Images

Macro photographs, macro photos. They are really good to see. If you want to see more macrophotographs, you can just drop a comment about it below. Microworld is so much interesting when you take macro photos. Read More »

Macro Photography

Interesting Images, Photos through microscopy. They seem interesting, and they are like macro images. Read More »

Google Seaview – Catlin Seaview Survey Videos

We have written two articles about Google Seaview. You can read them: GOOGLE SEAVIEW – GOOGLE STREETVIEW REEF GOOGLE STREET VIEW IN THE GREAT BARRIER REEF In this article we are going to give Google Seaview videos. Here you can watch Catlin Seaview Survey videos. Will be updated as they are available. Official Seaview videos. Read More »

Google Seaview – Google Streetview Reef

We have announced here Google streetview at Great Barrier Reef as being introduced. Now Google Seaview is available. Seaview service by Google is supplies less amount of images because the real data for service to be available to full extent is September 2012. Google now serves images from Australian Great Barrier Reef and soon they will be serving images from ... Read More »

Face transplantation

Researchers found a better way to face transplant. It is a novel design, and an easier procedure. It makes you use immunosuppressants for really lowered amount of time. Face transplantation is now real. People can face transplant easily. For the ease of process, and improved procedure, new method of face transplantation is a new hope for people who get heavily ... Read More »

A new hope in treatment of cancer

Researchers found that, a newly discovered protein may have significant role in preventing the spreading of cancer. Swiss scientists that research on mice, found that, without existence of periostin protein, cancer cells cannot spread from original organ (metastasis) to others. Researcher Joerg Huelsken said that, when mice lack this protein, cancer stem cells can’t spread, just disappear or go dormancy, ... Read More »

A new Earth-like planet found by NASA

A new Earth-like planet? It is found by NASA. It is so interesting that NASA Kepler found a new planet that is earth-like, looks like earth so much. What is amazing is that, it seems to be habitable, in a habitable zone. NASA announced that they found a planet which really looks like Earth, outside our galaxy. It seems that, ... Read More »

Venus Flytraps – BBC One Documentary

At this BBC video, you can see a venus flytraps, catching flies, a close view how it acts and the basic mechanism behind it. Read More »

NASA Found First Supernova Companion Star

NASA hubble took an image at 2004, an international astronomers team for the first time, an exploded supernova picture. Supernovae are considered are the major source of elements in the universe and it is a main event at evolution of galaxies. The star at left is supernova progenitor exploded after transferring about 10 solar masses of hydrogen gas to the ... Read More »

Oil spill 2010

BP has failed to manually shut the blowout preventer, and it could take three months to drill a relief well. Before then, BP will try to put a giant hood over the leaking wellhead, or perhaps even install a second preventer. But no short-term options have a proven track record to stop an oil spill. [CSM] The pipeline from the ... Read More »