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About US: Comment Icon instead of default Gravatar

Comment Icon

Most of the time, we just use gravatar icons. This comment icon, image an be used instead of default Gravatar icon. It is just better. Mystery man, blank, any gravatar image seems to be not sufficient. There are different ways to implement this. Edit your functions.php file to stop redirecting and getting an image from a remote URL. Edit comments.php. ... Read More »

PageSpeed 100 of 100

Here I wrote that I will not further work on 99 to make it 100. Blah, I couldn’t stop myself fixing one tiny guide to make it 100. I just fixed ? query on my css file produced by wp minify. Now it PageSpeed output looks like this: I hope we will get reward from Google ranks for this ... Read More »

Happily Validated and PageSpeed Passed is happily validated. You can check this at It feels good when you work hard on it. 🙂 Hope same happens to my seo works. Happily Validated and PageSpeed Passed Read More »

WordPress PageSpeed

PageSpeed Guidelines are must to follow for any website. For WordPress, it is even easier. Just get necessary plugins in order not to mess with code, and not to lose them when you update core. Modular changes are always best. Read More »

Compress icon rss gif

I upload this for compressing icon-rss.gif. PageSpeed still claims it can get smaller. Let’s see what will do. Read More »


You can use wp extension for modifying image sizes for PageSpeed guidelines. This plugin is so must for fastening your websites. Read More »

WordPress Google fonts Making awesome Styles

You can make your site look awesome with web fonts. Google Fonts are really easy to use. You can use font wordpress plugins to change styles easily. Use various web fonts and just implement them. I like Google Fonts cause they are from Google and I can myself implement them easily. Although linking an outer css file may not be ... Read More »


SEO is short form of, abbreviation Search Engine Optimization. It means doing whatever is necessary for optimizing your website to have better ranks at search terms at Search Engines. Search Engine Optimization is a must if you have online presence. Search engine optimization will make your brand visible online. You can view more about this at this seo site. Read More »

Social networking and seo

Social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, Google + are just making seo on our names ranking.  You can see when you search your name that Google plus pages goes higher and higher as days passes. More people starting to use Google plus and it is turning more fun and useful day by day. For me, Facebook pages are not indexed ... Read More »