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Windows 8 – Coming with the Windows Store

Windows store coming with Windows 8. Preview video by Microsoft. Here video is about Windows, Windows 8, Windows Store and one of the videos from Youtube published by Microsoft. Read More »

iPhone 4S New features outlined

I am going to outline new features of iPhone 4S here. AirPlay Mirroring Airplay mirroring will make iPhone 4S as a house console that you can control your devices.   Siri – Artificial Intelligence   Siri is the artificial intelligence technology found at iPhone 4S which answers your questions and take its actions like, answering you about weather, and setting ... Read More »

iPhone 4S Features and Properties – New Camera Technology

We are continuing to introduce new iPhone 4S, amazing product by Apple. iPhone 4S Camera Another good feature to note at iPhone 4S is its camera. iPhone 4S camera enables you to take 8 megapixel photographs. In addition to that, CMOS light technology makes it to take 73% more enlightened pictures. Sharpness of pictures are increased by 30%. Apple’s new ... Read More »

iPhone 4S Out

Finally, iPhone 4S is released. It is really cool. You can watch its advertisement here at this link. At apples meeting, instead of iPhone 5, it was iPhone 4S coming out of box. At first it may seem frustrating, but new iPhone 4S features make us understand what Apple achieved and its future success. Apple just introduced iPhone 4S instead ... Read More »

iPhone 4S Properties and Features

Here you can find detailed information about iPhone 4S, iPhone 4S Properties and iPhone 4S Features. First of all, Apple’s new smart phone’s processor is changed with A5, which was also existing at iPad. 1Ghz speed processor is dual-core. In addition to that, its graphical processor provides 7 times better performance. The best game which has best graphical quality for ... Read More »

iPhone 4S Official Advertisement Video

This post is about iPhone 4S advertisement. You can enjoy watching and learning new properties of iPhone 4S. Here you can watch apples iPhone 4S introduction video, its advertisement. iPhone 4S Official Advertisement Video Ain’t it cool? Read More »

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