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About Eiffel Tower Historical Creation Photograph of Eiffel Tower Photo 360

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower is one of the most memorable structures that has ever been built. About Eiffel Tower Eiffel Tower became the symbol of France in time. No one could knew such a building to become the landmark of a country in time for so long. 6 million tourists visit Eiffel Tower in France Paris annually. Total people who visit Eiffel ... Read More »

Google Street View in the Great Barrier Reef

It is amazing Google enables to watch nature with Google Street view. You can view Great Barrier Reef with Google Street View. Special cameras bring sub marine online. Watch YouTube video about Google Street View in the Great Barrier Reef Read More »

Best holiday places

There are so many best holiday places. There are must visit countries, cities in the world. France, Italy, England, South Africa, Singapore and much more. Turkey is one of the best countries to have vacation, holiday. Here are some best holiday places pictures. Read More »

Blue Tour

Blue Tour is just one of the amazing types of vacation. You can see all awesome tones of Blue and Green at the same time. Sun, Sea, Forest, all in an amazing package served on a golden tray. You can fish, you can swim, you can dive, you can sing, you can have real fun. Meet local people and have ... Read More »

Travel and tourism – Demand

Business travel and tourism demand is influenced by a broad range of factors found in both the generating region and the destination. These factors tend to focus on the forces that will influence demand between a specific generating region and a particular destination. They also give an indication of the factors that will influence demand overall in any particular generating ... Read More »

Travel and tourism – History

Business travel and tourism is certainly not a new phenomenon. People have been travelling because of their work for many centuries. However, some forms of business tourism, such as incentive travel, are modern inventions. Business travel and tourism originated with trade between communities. Once agriculture developed beyond the subsistence level in areas of Africa, Asia and Europe, thousands of years ... Read More »