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Domain names will be more expensive to reg

People who buy domains, who own domains. Just be fast. 15 January 2012 is a critical date for you. How? This article is about the domains whose prices will increase.

The most used .com and .net domain names right owner Verisign had a scheduled, planned price increase. After 15 January 2012, Verisign will increase the prices of domain registering.

Firm claimed the reason for this price increase as:

Operational cost increases due to increasing use of internet

The cost to defend versus DDos attacks, the security cost increase

Verisign shared some information to justify the price increase. According to the info they supplied, in the first quarter of 2011, there had been 57 billion daily requests.

In order not to be affected by the raise…

The processes that are among domain tasks like:

Therefore, you should do these tasks before 15 January 2012 in order not to be affected by the raise.


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