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Facebook or Google? Which is more used, Social Media Statistics

While we are counting days left to enter 2012, 2011’s social media statistics are released. From Facebook to Google +, look what happened in the internet about social networking so far at 2011. Facebook or Google? Which is more used, Here are Social Media Statistics.

The effect of social networking, internet backbone, on the users is undebatable. So many users internet understanding was only Google. Now it seems to be more about Facebook or Twitter.

These social networking sites became content sharing centers, a place where people race to publish articles, photos, short tweets. These sites, brought new words and phrases to English, like tweet, or like, I googled this. Do you wonder what are the statistics about internet usage at 2011? Here it is.

Internets top software is FACEBOOK

Facebook became rank 1, passed Google.

11% of world population has Facebook accounts. This is more than number of motor vehicles.

Half of the people enter Facebook daily.

On average, 1 person on Facebook has 130 friends and 510k comments, 293k status update, and 136k photos are sent to Facebook in a minute.

LinkedIn has ~135 M users.

490 M unique visitors view monthly and produce 92 billion page views.

One of Yahoo’s services that achieved to survive is Flickr. 3,5k photos are uploaded Flickr every second.

The rise of Google +, as a rival to Facebook is going on. Now Google + has ~50 M users.

In 2011, 150 M photographs are uploaded with Apple’s Instagram for iPhone.

Most interesting news about social networking statistics? 55% women, 45% men. Women are more active at social networking sites. I wonder why.

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