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How to search and find Msc PhD positions

How to search and find Msc PhD positions

You are about to finish your undergraduate studies and you want to find a good graduate position which fits your needs, good per annum earning, a hot topic, a nice group at an university which has a good ranking…

There are various sources to keep track of info daily. I hereby represent the three major websites that include information about finding a graduate job, funding. I appreciate any comment to add more major websites, online sources to make this a better, helpful writing.

1. Nature Jobs

As stated in their about us page:

Search for the widest range of science jobs on with thousands of vacancies advertised globally on the site. Employers using range from top international pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to highly respected academic and government institutions.

Naturejobs: making science work.

Naturejobs: making science work.

You can search jobs by title, region, discipline and employer, subscribe to job seeker newsletter and read rss feed by a feed reader.  (check for information about web feeds) is the link where the rss feeds, xml links could be found.

2. Find a

They list details of graduate research programmes from universities throughout the UK, Europe and further afield. Funding opportunities abbrevations are very useful.

There is “Basic Search” option to find a phd job, vacancy. Also, “Advanced Search” is so helpful. In addition to them, you can browse the jobs by institution.

3. Science magazine grants and funding page

As they state their mission in their about us page:

Science Careers is dedicated to being the world leader in matching qualified scientists with jobs in industry, academia, and government. We are committed to providing all the necessary career resources for scientists as well as effective recruiting solutions for employers.

There are also informatory information about how to prepare résumés, cover letters, tools and tips about graduate studies. Their community forum is also so beneficial.

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