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Intrinsic value, Pragmatism and Environmental Ethics


“It [adequate environmental ethic] claims that there are many kinds of value found in holistic ecological systems − e.g., diversity, stability, beauty − and that all these contribute to arguments for environmental preservation.” “…intrinsic value is nothing but a disguised anthropocentrism…” as cited in Katz. Neither ontologically discrete entities do not exist nor independent intrinsic properties and values. “Non-individualistic and non-anthropocentric environmental ethic can not be based on the search for an intrinsic value. It is so because of two reasons: it implies that individual entities − and not whole systems − are the bearers of value; and it tends to focus attention on anthropocentric values such as sentience.” We have to seek the systemic value. If one can prove the ultimate role of each part of the system is important, there will be no difficulty in justifying the protection.

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