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iPad 3 The New iPad

iPad 3 The New iPad

New iPad 3 properties, iPad 3, the new iPad features. Introduction of new iPad, iPad 3 prices and what is new with new iPad?

Apple’s new iPad was recently introduced. It is definitely bringing a fresh air to tablet world. Here are 3. generation iPad, iPad 3, namely the new iPad properties and features.

The Name: The New iPad

Before mentioning the iPad 3 new iPad properties, let us tell you one thing. The new iPad’s name is not iPad HD or iPad 3 as expected. It is called “The new iPad” or “3rd generation iPad“. In Apple site, it is introduced as The New iPad.

New iPad Properties

There were so many rumors in the internet that people were talking about iPad 3 and we saw many of these were correct.
iPad 3 didn’t change much as design however there had been good hardware improvements. It seems new iPad is really competitive and challenging when it is compared with its rivals.

“What is the main concept of the new iPad improvements?

iPad 3 has hardware improvements not much design.”

The new iPad’s screen size is still 9.7 inches and did not confirm the expectations for a smaller size which was 7 inches. However, the new iPad, iPad 3’s resolution has been increased to 2048 x 1536 px.

“What is the screen resolution of iPad 3?

Resolution of iPad 3 is 2048 x 1536 px.”

iPad 3

Instead of old dual core processor A5X, new iPad has 4. New iPad has 4 times better performance in terms of graphics.

New iPad is better than Xbox 360 or PS3 in terms of memory and graphics resolution it can serve. New iPad now can play 1080p HD videos. The new iPad has Siri and supports Japanese now.

Do you wonder the new iPad prices, here they are:

iPad 3 prices

iPad 3 Wi-Fi models prices are:

  • 16GB $499
  • 32GB $599
  • 64GB $699

iPad 3 Wi-Fi-4G/LTE prices are:

  • 16GB $629
  • 32GB $729
  • 64GB $829

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