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Swine Flu Cases Rise

Today, all governments focus on to stop the spread of swine flu’s viruses that code name is H1N1. We approve of health ministry’s performance. Department officials are trying to find a real solution and inform society during the process, but are all of the informations uttered and shared? According to the reports, when a new illness appears on the world, some of the people think that the end of the world comes.

Some of them take seriously, some of them do not consider and some cabalists take up shares. The person may be a boss, a doctor, a politician member of cabinet or likewise. The merchant may not be someone but a pharmaceutical company, which is in governmental circles.

I am not an anti-govermentalist or government supporter but it sticks to my throat.The government  appropriates to allowance for purchasing 40.000 doze H1N1 vaccine so early due to the vaccine’s phase for clinic studies are not accomplished .We don’t know all results about complications, contraindications, adverse reactions. Besides being aware of these kind of probabilities, we must initially review and accept it because human health cannot be recycled and are not disposable goods.

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