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Best Android Wallpapers

Multi Colored Android Wallpapers

We are sharing Top 10 Android Wallpapers. These are kinda the best Android Wallpapers. chosen special for you. Now Android Smartphones will look much better with these wallpapers. We use Android phones whole day. Who doesn’t want their Android phone to have the best android wallpapers? Top 10 Android wallpapers will make our smartphones much better. In addition to covers and ... Read More »

Instagram app for Android

Instagram App Android

Instagram app will be available for Android. Google play, formerly Android Market will soon get Instagram app. Yes, finally, there will be Instagram app for Android. Don’t be sad if you can’t use one of the best apps found in iOS, Apple Store since you are an Android user. The reason is there will be Instagram app for Android soon. ... Read More »

What is Android?


In this article, we are going to try to answer the question “What is Android?”It is a fast growing topic and it is really important to know “What is Android?” to its full extent. What more matters in mobile computing: Hardware or software? It is definitely software when it comes to mobile computing. Android now made smartphones even smarter. Briefly, ... Read More »

Android 5 Release Date and Release Name Jelly Bean

Android 5

Google for the first time talked about Android 5.  Google made a decleration about Android 5.0, How will Android 5.0 be? What will Android 5 name will be? When Android 5 will be available? It seems like Google will change structure of Android with Android 5.  Android 4 is available but After the release of Android 4.0, people started to ... Read More »

Android Market

One of the good things about android is Android Market. here you can see the apps to install your Android OS. Games, Apps, half million of apps being developed for you. Check Android Market for your free or paid apps to make your life better and easier. Read More »


Android OS is just high quality like Google. It is really good to see what Google did compared to Microsoft and Apple. Gz Google for Android OS. Read More »

Android market now has over than 400000 apps

Google mobile operating system Android now has 400 thousand apps. Yes you heard right, Android Market now has 400000 applications, and growing even more daily. Android Market There was an announcement that there existed 500 thousand applications at Anroid Market however now new information doesn’t include the ones deleted, that only includes one currently used and available. Android Applications In ... Read More »