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Mice produce morphine

Mice may make morphine Mammals could have opiate factories.   Mice can synthesize morphine from various intermediate chemicals.N. Grobe & N. Weir Mammals may possess the biochemical machinery to produce morphine — a painkiller found in the opium poppy, according to a new study.   This article is about:aprilmice Read More »

Animal Testings

Animals are being used for experiments in order to improve cures for people. These experiments reached to top level in 20th century. At the same time, number of people against animal experiments increased also in 20th century. Alternative methods to animal testing emerged in 1970s, too. Today, there are ongoing national and international research and policy efforts to develop alternatives ... Read More »

Photosynthetic sea slug

It’s the ultimate form of solar power: eat a plant, become photosynthetic. Now researchers have found how one animal does just that. The mechanism of gene acquisition should be investigated and it is so interesting to see this. Elysia chlorotica is a lurid green sea slug, with a gelatinous leaf-shaped body, that lives along the Atlantic seaboard of the US. ... Read More »