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Environmental Ethics

It is necessary to understand environmental ethics. According to Holland, environmental ethics “debates how to balance the claims of present and future, human and non-human, sentient and non-sentient, individuals and wholes. It investigates the prospects for a sustainable relationship between economic and ecological systems, and pursues the implications of this relationship with respect to social justice and institutions.” Every species ... Read More »

Venus Flytraps – BBC One Documentary

At this BBC video, you can see a venus flytraps, catching flies, a close view how it acts and the basic mechanism behind it. Read More »

Oil spill 2010

BP has failed to manually shut the blowout preventer, and it could take three months to drill a relief well. Before then, BP will try to put a giant hood over the leaking wellhead, or perhaps even install a second preventer. But no short-term options have a proven track record to stop an oil spill. [CSM] The pipeline from the ... Read More »