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Defining intrinsic. What does intrinsic mean?

Defining “Intrinsic” Intrinsic as cited in webpage, It is “belonging to a thing by its very nature; ‘form was treated as something intrinsic, as the very essence of the thing’ according to John Dewey” . This definition is not so different from our definitions, what we can consider at first glance. However, the term “intrinsic” must be defined more ... Read More »

What is good? Definition of Good. Philosophical aspect.

Then, what is good? Good is good. However there must be relative estimation that we can say this is intrinsically good and has some greater value than something else in question. As Moore states: It was necessary for Ethics to enumerate all true universal judgments, asserting that such and such a thing was good, whenever it occurred. But, although all ... Read More »

What is Ethics? Defining Ethics

“I am by no means a great admirer of Nietzsche; and I do not at all admit the truth of his view that “Christian morality is a morality of slaves, and that we have to advance to a new morality which shall be that of masters.” According to Bernard Williams, theory of ethics can be defined as “a philosophical structure, ... Read More »

Environmental Ethics

It is necessary to understand environmental ethics. According to Holland, environmental ethics “debates how to balance the claims of present and future, human and non-human, sentient and non-sentient, individuals and wholes. It investigates the prospects for a sustainable relationship between economic and ecological systems, and pursues the implications of this relationship with respect to social justice and institutions.” Every species ... Read More »

Animal Testings

Animals are being used for experiments in order to improve cures for people. These experiments reached to top level in 20th century. At the same time, number of people against animal experiments increased also in 20th century. Alternative methods to animal testing emerged in 1970s, too. Today, there are ongoing national and international research and policy efforts to develop alternatives ... Read More »