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How can I update Firefox?


It is easy to update firefox manually. If you ask “How can I update Firefox?” We would answer in a few lines. Go to Help -> About in menu. Just Apply update check from available button as it is seen in figure: If you want to read latest news from Firefox visit Read More »

How to lose weight fast

weight loss

Lose weight fast. Exercises to lose weight fast. Read More »

Make money online

It is really hard to make money online. As it is same in every aspect of life, people are trying to lower their expenses. Therefore, when you want to make money online you should really find what you are doing the best, and your best, your product, ideas, labor means the most to whom. This is really important when you ... Read More »

Adsense Publisher Toolbar

New Adsense Publisher Toolbar. Now there is a way to check Google Adsense revenue. You can use Adsense publisher toolbar, a chrome extension to check your Google Adsense account. If you want to use Adsense Publisher Toolbar a Google Chrome extension: Visit Chrome Web Store and download Adsense Publisher Toolbar (by Google) extension. Grant access to your Google Adsense account. ... Read More »

How to Earn Money Online | Upload your files Download Cash $

In this article, we are going to give information about a good file upload service, and how to make money online by using When you visit Uploadic, you see a warm, friendly website, a trustworthy file upload service. Uploadic welcomes you with Welcome to Uploadic slogan. You can access this website, your files worldwide, where you access internet.   ... Read More »

How to write a Statement of Purpose

In this article, we are going to describe how to write an efficient, good statement of purpose (SOP). Statement of purpose is important because It can make your application be accepted or not. Either you state it good or not, its so influential on your application. This letter is optimum 1 page length. Most universities will require and read your ... Read More »

How to find a blog post topic to write about?

I write my deviations at so many different topics.  What do you want me to prepare a research, review at site? Here are our archives page that gives idea about past tags and categories. If you wonder something and what you can find via google search is only trash? Let me know about it and we write it next. Leave ... Read More »

How to lose weight

weight loss

The science is simple: Eating fewer calories makes you drop pounds. But depriving yourself by skimping on meals and banishing snacks only makes you hungry and pissed off. Plus, you are more likely to binge in the end anyway. The real solution lies in cutting out just a few little extra items from each meal (truly, your taste buds won’t ... Read More »

How to use TwitPic – Twitter pictures

Get short, timely messages from TwitPic. Why twitpic? Twitpic lets you share photos easily on twitter. Twitter is a rich source of instantly updated information. It’s easy to stay updated on an incredibly wide variety of topics. Join today and follow @TwitPic. Name TwitPic Location Delivering your photos Web Bio Share photos on twitter – follow @noaheverett for other ... Read More »

Reducing your sleep

As you recall, during jet lag we travel over several time zones. If we travel 2 time zones to the West, our body temperature rhythm will still be set to 2 hours ahead. In response we feel out of place and it takes a while for our body temperature rhythm to adjust to the new time zone. In the same ... Read More »