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What is good? Definition of Good. Philosophical aspect.

Then, what is good? Good is good. However there must be relative estimation that we can say this is intrinsically good and has some greater value than something else in question. As Moore states: It was necessary for Ethics to enumerate all true universal judgments, asserting that such and such a thing was good, whenever it occurred. But, although all ... Read More »

A new hope in treatment of cancer

Researchers found that, a newly discovered protein may have significant role in preventing the spreading of cancer. Swiss scientists that research on mice, found that, without existence of periostin protein, cancer cells cannot spread from original organ (metastasis) to others. Researcher Joerg Huelsken said that, when mice lack this protein, cancer stem cells can’t spread, just disappear or go dormancy, ... Read More »

Life on Mars

Life on Mars Is there life on mars? A slushy cocktail of water-ice and organic materials has been directly detected on the surface of an asteroid for the first time. The finding strengthens the theory that asteroids delivered the ingredients for Earth’s oceans and life, and could make astronomers rethink conventional models for how the Solar System evolved. A special ... Read More »

Mice produce morphine

Mice may make morphine Mammals could have opiate factories.   Mice can synthesize morphine from various intermediate chemicals.N. Grobe & N. Weir Mammals may possess the biochemical machinery to produce morphine — a painkiller found in the opium poppy, according to a new study.   This article is about:aprilmice Read More »

Future 2020 visions

For the first issue of the new decade, Nature asked a selection of leading researchers and policy-makers where their fields will be ten years from now. We invited them to identify the key questions their disciplines face, the major roadblocks and the pressing next steps. It is really interesting, you may want to read to get insight about future studies. ... Read More »


Defining “Ethics”     “What is all this, and how does it work?” – the answers to which are sought by science; and “What should we do?” – the answers to which are given by ethics. Ethics is a bridge between science and the deliberate mind. With the word deliberate mind I mean, the mind which seeks answers, try to understand the ... Read More »

Travel and tourism – Demand

Business travel and tourism demand is influenced by a broad range of factors found in both the generating region and the destination. These factors tend to focus on the forces that will influence demand between a specific generating region and a particular destination. They also give an indication of the factors that will influence demand overall in any particular generating ... Read More »

Travel and tourism – History

Business travel and tourism is certainly not a new phenomenon. People have been travelling because of their work for many centuries. However, some forms of business tourism, such as incentive travel, are modern inventions. Business travel and tourism originated with trade between communities. Once agriculture developed beyond the subsistence level in areas of Africa, Asia and Europe, thousands of years ... Read More »

The Holocaust – Shoah

In the history of the Jews, assault of Germany, as the strongest economic, military and cultural power of Europe, from 1933 to 1945, has changed the route of the political path of the world. During the Nazi Regime of Germany, Jews were exposed to cruelties and 6 million Jews were deported and killed during the Adolf Hitler tyranny period. Germany ... Read More »

Evil in Human Nature and Politics

One of the Renaissance philosophers is Niccolo Machiavelli, who lived in 15th and 16th centuries in Italy. He has came to the philosophy scene by his extraordinary ideas on how a prince should be and what elements should be in the core of prince’s administration. He was criticized cruelly by many thinkers because of ignoring moralities, values and religious rules in politics. Although he ... Read More »