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Push Button to Add Drama (TNT Advertisement) Best video Advertisement 2012

New Advertisement amazing Push button to Add drame. TNT Telenet. Video possibly one of the best advertisement in 2012. This is advertisement video for the new high quality channel TNT in Belgium. A button and when someone presses it, the drama starts. Push button to add drama advertisement TNT Belgium Telenet. Flemish square, Flemish town. Read More »

Technology: Challenger explosion video

Challenger Explosion

In this video, you can view first amateur video record of Challenger shuttle explosion. First amateur video of Challenger shuttle explosion revealed. It is recorded by Jeffry and they are watching and getting amazed by the event. This sad video shows Challenger explosion. Challenger disaster video: “I was hoping to see an event that I would remember for the rest ... Read More »

Google Street View in the Great Barrier Reef

It is amazing Google enables to watch nature with Google Street view. You can view Great Barrier Reef with Google Street View. Special cameras bring sub marine online. Watch YouTube video about Google Street View in the Great Barrier Reef Read More »

Wanna see how girls fall in love?

In this video, you can see how girls fall in love. True action 🙂 Read More »