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Google Street View in the Great Barrier Reef

It is amazing Google enables to watch nature with Google Street view. You can view Great Barrier Reef with Google Street View. Special cameras bring sub marine online. Watch YouTube video about Google Street View in the Great Barrier Reef Read More »

What to listen

When you think, now what to listen now it is really easy to answer. Just visit YouTube. Let’s get it started and see what we will listen. Trending, Popular videos can give you an idea where to start with but Music catergory is of course the best for deciding what to listen. Read More »

Wanna see how girls fall in love?

In this video, you can see how girls fall in love. True action 🙂 Read More »

Windows 8 – Coming with the Windows Store

Windows store coming with Windows 8. Preview video by Microsoft. Here video is about Windows, Windows 8, Windows Store and one of the videos from Youtube published by Microsoft. Read More »

Listen Scorpions Wind of Change – Watch official video

Music video Scorpions Wind Of Change. (C) 1991 Listen to Wind of Change Scorpions music video. Read More »

How to start a day? Enjoy the music. Pirates of the Caribbean- He’s a Pirate song

Pirates of the Caribbean- He’s a Pirate song Listen One of the best music to listen to start a day with. It is refreshing, entertaining. So many different sounds in harmony, singing one music, for one outcome. Hilarious song Pirates of the Caribbean- He’s a Pirate. Enjoy. Start your day listening to Pirates of the Caribbean- He’s a Pirate song Read More »

Venus Flytraps – BBC One Documentary

At this BBC video, you can see a venus flytraps, catching flies, a close view how it acts and the basic mechanism behind it. Read More »


What is minecraft This is minecraft Minecraft is a game originally created by Markus “Notch” Persson and now by his company Mojang. It is written in Java and first released on May 2009. You can play it on Java platforms, Android, iOS, Xbox. It is about creating building blocks 3-D. There are two essential modes, Survival and Creative. Third mode ... Read More »

Learn more about New Youtube

Do you want to learn more about New Youtube? Here, you can watch the video and take a tour at youtube. If you want more explanation, read our review about new look here. Even it is easier than before, it has a good point, it will make us to learn the new interface. This means more spent time at youtube. ... Read More »

Youtube New Interface – New Look

It seems now youtube turned to be a better social platform, better interacting with google + and facebook. It seems so much better compared to new adsense and new gmail looks. Here you can read more about Youtube new interface, youtube new look. What is good about youtube new interface is, you can now better personalize it. You can sign ... Read More »