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Windows 8 shortcuts How to use Windows 8 and Windows 8 product key

Windows 8 shortcuts How to use Windows 8 and Windows 8 product key

Windows 8 took attraction with its new Metro ui. Windows 8 shortcuts are now must since it works different than previous versions. In addition to this, you might need a Windows 8 product key while you are installing Windows 8 Customer Preview.

Microsoft’s new OS Windows 8 Customer Preview is really popular nowadays. Everyone is busy installing Windows 8 Customer Preview or Windows 8 Developer Preview and using it to its details.

The thing is when you start to use Windows 8, you just notice it is something new, good and awesome, better ui, better functionality, new good customizations etc. However, you also may notice, you need to know how to use it.

There are different shortcuts in Windows 8. It is obviously better to use Windows 8 with touchscreens. So, Windows phone will now do better with Windows 8? Definitely.

Windows 8 shortcuts

Windows 8 Shortcuts

In this video, you can see new Windows 8 shortcuts, mouse movements and how it is done.

Windows 8 shortcuts:

Win = Windows Button.

Win + Q = Open Search

Win + Z = Flip Applications

Win + Y = Show desktop

Win + W = Search system parameters

Win + F = Search for Files.

Win + C = Settings

Win + R = Run

Win + Arrow Left = Take selected app Left 1/2

Win + Arrow Right = Take selected app Right 1/2

Win + Spacebar = change the language for keyboard layout

Watch Windows 8 shortcuts video:

Windows 8 Product key

There are various product keys for Windows 8.

You can definitely use one of them to install Windows 8 Customer Preview.

Here are Windows 8 Product keys:

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Product Key:

In addition to getting your own Windows 8 product key, you can also watch the Windows 8 introduction video.

Additional Windows 8 product key:

Windows 8 Developer preview product key:

Windows 8 product key

You can use these Windows 8 product keys safely however if you want to get your own Windows 8 product key use this:
Get your own Windows 8 Product key

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