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Intrinsic value, Pragmatism and Environmental Ethics

INTRINSIC VALUE PRAGMATISM AND ENVIRONMENTAL ETHICS “It [adequate environmental ethic] claims that there are many kinds of value found in holistic ecological systems − e.g., diversity, stability, beauty − and that all these contribute to arguments for environmental preservation.” “…intrinsic value is nothing but a disguised anthropocentrism…” as cited in Katz. Neither ontologically discrete entities do not exist nor independent ... Read More »

Pragmatism in Environmental Ethics

PRAGMATISM IN ENVIRONMENTAL ETHICS Instrumental value can not be a base for environmental ethics. One can not justify his environmental acts according to the instrumental values exist. As Eric Katz state: Although an environmental ethic must be based on a plurality of instrumental natural values and on specific analysis of concrete ecological systems, it can not be grounded on the ... Read More »