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US-Iran Conflict on Nuclear Weapons

The conflict between Iran and US on nuclear researchs of Iran is because of the reason that US has no more power to apply sanctions to Iran on any issue. The beginning of nuclear researches of Iran is about 1950s, and CIA of US was the supporter and instructor of Iran.

When we look at today’s picture, it is obvious that US lost its sanctioning power on Iran and creating reasons to stop nuclear researches of Iran. Iran is a powerful player at the region of Middle East now and that is not acceptable for US, which is the actor of Middle East after occupying Iraq and while having goals in the region.

US is the most powerful player in the region, firstly, thanks to Israel, the closest ally in the region, and secondly occupying Iraq by toppling Saddam Hussein government. After the 1979 Revolution in Iran and then Saddam Hussein’s attack by chemical weapons to Iranian civillians sparked Iran Administration to develop its defence against actors of the region. Moreover, silence of international society during Saddam’s attacks in 1980 weakened Iran’s trust to others. Accordingly, Iranians decided to reach enough power to protect themselves for at the expense of losing its allies in the region and supports of West.

The conflict is that Iran has more researches and developments on nuclear power than it displays officially, according to US and some other Western states. This is considered as a danger for the peace of Middle East by some Western countries. And that’s why they are acting as the messiah of the people of Middle East, and owner and teacher of democracy. On the other hand, Iran administration is claiming that their nuclear researches are just to produce nuclear energy, but not for using nuclear energy for producing nuclear weapons. The more you have media power, the more what you are saying is considered, as a fact. So, US is using its hegemonical media power to create the base of ending Iran as an important and powerful actor in the region and Iran is becoming more angry, even if Iran cannot be heard by the people of the world, because of lack of their media power all around the world.

There are two choices of Iran for now and first of them is to stop all nuclear researches and studies of enrichment of uranium. Second way is to maintain all its developmental activites in spite of threat of US and other Western states. To maintain its developments and research may consequence with an attack to its land and it probably cause a huge war in Middle East, which will damage democratic image of US more and more in the region for Muslim societies. On the other hand, to stop its developments and nuclear efforts will force Iran to become a dependent state to West with its resources and puppet of them, same as Saudi Arabia is. The worst consequence for Iran to maintain its activities is continuing to be an unintegrated state to world in the sense of business affairs. However, China and Russian Federations are two huge powerful actors for Iran to get commercial integration in very soon future. So, the risk of being attacked by US is so low but until the time of breaking free from sanctions of US on other countries to not have commercial relationships with Iran, Iran has to stay powerful on its own and seem powerful enough to protect itself against any attack by any state. In short, Iran has to act as the state that has the most developed nuclear power in the region, until it has integration to Russian Federation and People’s Republic of China.

The best option for US is to accept Iran as a powerful actor in Middle East and have good relations to benefit from Iran for the sake of being more influential actor in the region. Moreover, that will change the bad image of US on the eyes of Muslim World, which will provide US to increase its effects at the region and again benefit more. That will also be the best option for Iran because of the fact that US is the owner of the keys of commercial doors of many countries in the world. That will provide Iran to have more commercial relationships and become more powerful at the region. By this option, both sides benefit more and the civillians of Middle East has no pain anymore, by any other war at the region.

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