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A new Earth-like planet found by NASA

A new Earth-like planet? It is found by NASA. It is so interesting that NASA Kepler found a new planet that is earth-like, looks like earth so much.

What is amazing is that, it seems to be habitable, in a habitable zone.

NASA announced that they found a planet which really looks like Earth, outside our galaxy. It seems that, this Earth-like planet has 22 C on its surface and it’s sun resembles our sun so much. It is assumed it probably has land and water on it.

This Planet is found by NASA’s planet hunter telescope “Kepler” in the middle of habitable zone in the space. It is first time a planet is found that has a sun almost twin of ours, and its size is like earths and its at a habitable distance outside our galaxy. It is neither hot or cold, a mild climate planet.

You can see NASA’s effort to find planets that have similar properties compared to earth.

NASA Earth-like planet candidate

Kepler Solar System Compared New One

Keppler Photo

Planet Sizes

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