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Android 5 Release Date and Release Name Jelly Bean

Android 5 Release Date and Release Name Jelly Bean

Android 5

Google for the first time talked about Android 5.  Google made a decleration about Android 5.0, How will Android 5.0 be? What will Android 5 name will be? When Android 5 will be available?

It seems like Google will change structure of Android with Android 5.  Android 4 is available but

After the release of Android 4.0, people started to talk about Android 5.0. This happens every time Google make a new release, or any firm.

Android 5

New releases mostly means new bug fixes and hard tasks. Therefore, it is kinda weird for CEO’s to talk about new product releases when they are struggling to make old releases more stable and bug free.

Android 5 Release Date

Saying just so you know: Android 5 will be available this summer and most probably the release will be named with something starting with  J. Hiroshi Lockheimer from Google declared that it is almost impossible to make a release before fall. He continued saying, they make 1 Android release, Android update every year and this is kinda sign for Android making the new release around 2012 fall.

Android 5 Release Name

Lockheimer said:”The name starts with J”. This is kinda proving the name Jelly Bean which was being mentioned for so long with whispers.

What will be at new Android 5 release Jelly Bean is just a mystery. We will see.

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