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Android market now has over than 400000 apps

Google mobile operating system Android now has 400 thousand apps. Yes you heard right, Android Market now has 400000 applications, and growing even more daily.

Android Market

There was an announcement that there existed 500 thousand applications at Anroid Market however now new information doesn’t include the ones deleted, that only includes one currently used and available.

Android Applications

In 39 months, since launching, free applications have big role in this achievement. 68% of applications at Anroid Market are free Android applications. At April 2011, when there was 200 thousand android applications, this percent was at 60s. You can see the numbers of Android applications doubled at Android Market in about several months.

android market

Android market has 400 thousand applications

Android always had so much low application number compared to Apple but now it is easily seen that, Android Market is closing the gap between Android applications at Android Market and number of iPhone, iPad, mac applications found at Apple store.

Android Market vs Apple Store

apple store vs android market After launch, Apple got to 200 thousand applications in about 22 months but it took Android Market to achieve this in about 31 months. Android, after 4 months later, achieved 300 thousand applications however it took Apple to achieve 300 thousand in about 8 months. The last 100 thousand took Apple’s 7 months. It made Google to wait for about only 4 months to achieve 100 thousand increase, to have 400 thousand android applications in total.

In 2012, Android Market will probably have much more applications compared to Apple Store. If this happens, it won’t be a surprize.

Now Google has 100 thousand active developers in Android Market for developing Android Applications, it was five 1 year ago.

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