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Google why don’t you index me fast

We are publishing unique articles about various topics. We try to keep it update. However Google do not index us as we write. Index us fast Google we deserve that Smile. “The question is: Google why don’t you index me fast?”

I suspected if there exists some manual filter that is applied towards indexing and ranking of our site. I asked and what I got via webmaster tools was I should work more on my site, follow webmaster guidelines for better ranking.

As you can see this at Matt Cutts blog, Google contacts webmasters at webmaster tools. This makes us feel pretty good actually. Therefore I learnt my site’s indexing problem wasn’t due to a manual filter, so I should go further to make my site better.

Here are some tips for Google to index your site fast:

  • Get quality backlinks
  • Write original, write in context, write good.
  • Have low bounce rate, get more backlinks.
  • Never exaggerate pinging.
  • Work on new content, instead of working on old ones to get higher ranks and better indexing.
  • Obey w3c validator guidelines
  • Check PageSpeed tips for your site.


Here are some links for you:


Fix these, follow guidelines, you will thank me Smile

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