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iPhone 4S Features and Properties – New Camera Technology

We are continuing to introduce new iPhone 4S, amazing product by Apple.

iPhone 4S Camera

Another good feature to note at iPhone 4S is its camera. iPhone 4S camera enables you to take 8 megapixel photographs. In addition to that, CMOS light technology makes it to take 73% more enlightened pictures. Sharpness of pictures are increased by 30%.

Apple’s new design image signal processor technology, in addition to face detection, it supplies 26% better white – colour balance. iPhone 4S is amazing when it is about sequential photographs. First photograph to take is 1.1secs and after that, it is 0.5 secs to pull new each. It is much better compared to it’s competitors.

Video resolution is increased from 720p to 1080p. It has vibration, movement decreaser, so it will be lot better videos now.

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