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Pragmatism in Environmental Ethics


Instrumental value can not be a base for environmental ethics. One can not justify his environmental acts according to the instrumental values exist. As Eric Katz state:
Although an environmental ethic must be based on a plurality of instrumental natural values and on specific analysis of concrete ecological systems, it can not be grounded on the ever changing subjective feelings of humans as they experience nature.

“Pragmatism places the value of the natural environment squarely on the experiences of human beings interacting with nature: the desires and feelings of human subjects.” It can not be grounded on anthropocentric pragmatism because who will decide on whose desires, experiences, interests, ideas, understanding of life will be the source of moral obligations? Anthropocentric pragmatism deals with the instances. As time changes, as Katz uses the term, it will be a shaky ground for environmental ethics. The common ground must be more well supported.

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