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Yahoo now has new CEO

Yahoo, who fired their ex-CEO by phone, ended their long CEO searching. PayPal‘s ex-director Scott Thompson, became Yahoo’s new CEO.

Yahoo finally decided his new CEO. Yahoo fired their ex CEO by phone in September 2011. Yes you heard right. After firing him on phone, new Yahoo CEO now is announced: Scott Thompson.

Ceo Yahoo

Carol Bartz was fired because of big failure of Yahoo, lately. I think this is due to Google’s huge success. No one so far could compete with Google.

The CFO of firm Tim Morse was temprorarily CEO of Yahoo. He was CEO for four months now he is back to his CFO job since new CEO of Yahoo Scott Thompson is starting the job.

Scott Thompson will start his new job after 9 January 2012. Lets see how it goes for Yahoo with his new CEO in the new year.

yahoo new ceo

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