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1994 Rwandan Genocide and Its Real Victims

States have various policies to manage other countries and manipulate their policies. They want to control others because of a serious of reasons. Sometimes for exploiting their natural resources or because of political and economical reasons. Moreover, exploitation usually causes to bad events, such as genocides. Because of such policies again for exploitation, a genocide occured in Rwanda, in 1994, and in 100 days, 800.000 people were killed.

During this genocide, neighbours and relatives also killed each other. After the genocide everybody questoined: Why did these people kill each other? Why did they suddenly become enemy? Who did cause to genocide?

All these questions were answered by different unions and groups differently: It can be said that many different things caused to this genocide as well. However, the most significant question is: Who is the most guilty one for the Rwandan genocide? It can be undoubtedly said that main reason of Rwandan genocide is Belgium’s policy over Rwanda, which intends to seperate Rwandan people for manipulating more easily and exploiting deeply and more.

After the World War II, Germany lost his power over Rwanda and Belgium started to manage Rwanda but when Belgium took the control began to fiddle with ethnics of Rwandan people in order to manage and exploit them more easily. This is the common strategy of colonist countries. They also intervened into affairs of Rwandan society and ruled the Rwandan people for working in coffee gardens. The people who didn’t accept this work were punished with whipping. Also, some people were killed because of not accepting the work. Then, Belgium maintains his policy and starts to separate people with their races even if they don’t know the races or tribes of people exactly. They decide the races of people according to thinness of their faces or numbers of cows that they have. They distributed two types of identity cards. One of them is for Hutus and the other one is for Tutsis. These are the races in Rwanda. Belgium was mentioning that the people who have cows more than ten are Tutsi and the people who have less than ten are Hutu. Besides that, they evaluate people’s faces and so deciding their new identities. They also claim that Tutsis are people of superior race because they are the grandchildren of prophet Noah. Due to this belief Tutsis got the government affairs of Rwanda. However, after the independence movements in African societies Belgium decided to change the government and gave the political power to the Hutus. After this change Belgium began to support Hutus in every area. With the weapon and political supports of Belgium, Hutus rebelled and murdered one hundred thousand of Tutsis. After this rebellion, about five hundreds thousand of Tutsis immigrated to neighbor countries, such as Uganda and Tanzania, and lived in camps.

A few years later, the Tutsis, who were living in neighbor countries, decided to come back to Rwanda and struggle with Hutus. Accordingly, they turned back to Rwanda and fought with Hutus. At the end, Tutsis and Hutus signed a pact and ended the war. Even if Belgium was managing both sides, they didn’t intervene into struggles in any way because their desire was already seeing the Rwandan people in struggle. Policy of Belgium was continuing perfectly and the Rwandan people’s minds were being blunted day by day.

Even if most guilty was Belgium for Rwandan genocide, it is possible to be argued that Rwandan people also caused to genocide or gave permission to happen awarelessly. Because most of the people in Rwanda were the people who were dependent to their own religions and according to their religions, making racial discrimination is not acceptable. For example, Christianity or Islam was the most common religions in Rwanda and mention that every people are created equally and advising people for not considering people with their races. Prophet of Islam, Muhammad says: “All mankind is from Adam and Eve, and Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action” Prophet of Christianity, Jesus also gave the similar messages to people but Rwandan people could not be dependent to their own religion as far as they were before Belgium`s interventions. It is possible that Belgium`s employment and brain-washing caused to this atrophy. Most probably, Rwandan people could not be interested in their religions too much and so could not get right messages from their religions and could not resist Belgium policy, which intends to make them disputed with each other.

After the pact, Hutus started to create a half military group, which was named Interhamwe. Members of this group spreaded in whole country and the members made card indexes of most of the Tutsis and the Hutus who were not making discrimination between Hutus and Tutsis. Hutu militiamen soldiers started to killings on April 6, 1994, after the Rwandan President Habyarimana`s plane was shot down, with the supports of Belgium. This support can also be with not intervening into the genocide. The killings began that night. America and France were the countries that signed a pact to intervene into any genocide in the world but they preferred to prevent using the word `genocide` in UN. Their biggest fault was making no intervention to the genocide but the guiltiest country is Belgium because if the discrimination was not started in Rwanda, there would be no genocide and these countries would not be obliged to sign a pact and apply it. So the country, which firstly caused to genocide, is guiltier than all others and the country, which caused to Rwanda genocide was Belgium. So Belgium is most guilty for Rwanda genocide.

In conclusion, some European countries and America cause to Rwandan genocide. However, it should be mentioned that each of them have faults in different ways and levels. While America was resisting the usage of the word `genocide`, France also mentions that there is genocide in Rwanda and sends soldiers to provide peace but covering an area and in this area Hutus kill Tutsis more safely. Besides that, Belgium supporting both sides to kill each other. All these things are the reasons of Rwandan genocide but when we compare the reasons of the genocide we can see that first reason and the biggest reason of the genocide is policy of Belgium and so Belgium is most to blame.

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