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Animal Testings

Animals are being used for experiments in order to improve cures for people. These experiments reached to top level in 20th century. At the same time, number of people against animal experiments increased also in 20th century. Alternative methods to animal testing emerged in 1970s, too. Today, there are ongoing national and international research and policy efforts to develop alternatives to animal testings. On the other hand, standardization of rules about animal testings began in 2000s.

Lack of control of animal testings are causing to some negative results for animals and this is damaging ecological equilibrium. The tests are used for goodness of humankind but there must be some standards when testing animals. Otherwise, the things performed for goodness of people may cause to the reverse. So, a question emerges from this point. Which one is important; developments in health field or health of animals. The important thing is to improve health field while using animals without giving pain to them.

Inspection of performance in animal testing has been weak until 20th century and still weak in some countries, which is causing pains for animals and should have standards. These standards must both protect animals from damage in experiments and let developments in health fields. Dolly the sheep was a good example for this issue. It proved that an alive creature can be copied. By doing that, scientist learnt that they may copy humanbeing. So, animal testings are useful for humans if they are not being dangerous for animals.

The way of protecting ecology and finding useful developments in health field is to educate enough amount of people to establish equilibrium in ethics. There hasn’t been enough people until now and therefore many animals were murdered. The risks should be reduced when applying the experiments and this can be possible with education. Euthanasia is a method to kill animals after experiments. However, the animals may be relieved even after the experiments by the educations.

To summarize, ecological equilibrium should be rescued by having control over animal testings. Standardization of the controls can prevent the damages to animals in the testings. The controls and standards would be useful to both protect animals and make findings in health field. The way of doing this is to have enough educated people in the field of animal testing. Thanks to this, ecology would be protected and humankind would save its own future.

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