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Best notebook – Asus Ultrabook – Zenbook concept review

Best notebook – Asus Ultrabook – Zenbook concept review

In this article, we are going to mention about Best notebook so far with a proper price, the Asus Ultrabook, Zenbook concept.

Asus Ultrabook
I bought one ultrabook, Asus Zenbook, 13″ and 4GB i5 model. I loved the design, weight, keyboard, the screen and its brightness and everything. The only problem I saw was the video card. Don’t try to play games, you will be frustrated. Asus Ultrabook is hot, awesome machine, with a bad video card. I tried to play World of Warcraft and Need For Speed: The run, it just failed big time.

Battery life is like 6 hours for internet usage. It is so silent, and the cooler never works ( didn’t hear so far ) It is is not getting hot, as time passes performance stays the same. I highly recommend Asus Ultrabook, the Zenbook concept models.

Asus Ultrabook, do you believe in first sight? Yes. You will fall in love with this laptop.

Asus Zenbook

Best notebook – Asus Ultrabook – Zenbook concept review

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  1. penyewaan genset

    well, ASUS famous because its durability better than any other notebook. I also admired the brand. Totally different with other notebooks.

  2. thats true however i sent my new notebook due to mainboard problem. they immediately changed it. Dead on arrival status at first month. Now new notebook closes instantly and randomly, it happened twice, i am waiting for the third to happen.

    I sometimes say i wish i bought sth else when i consider the price

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