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Google Privacy Policy Change

This article is about Google privacy policy change.

There has been a Google privacy policy change. As Google says: There will be one policy, easy to read and one Google experience.

Google privacy policy change seems to make easy to understand, friendly Google privacy policy.

More will come about the news. Here you are:


One policy, one Google experience

Google now removing 60 different privacy policy across Google and they are making replacements with a shorter easy to read one.

It seems that will be more user friendly. Almost no one reads privacy policies, they are long, they are boring, they give so many detailed information about how to protect the privacy owner, the firm.

Google privacy policy change decision seems to make things different.


Easy to work across Google

Now we will be using Google, the services across Google in a more integrated fashion. This may mean, Google will use your data for its various platforms. Google says, trust us, we will give you a good user experience. You are at safe hands.



Search results

Now it seems, this Google privacy policy change will make Google collect our various data from different platforms to bring us better search results. Faster and user related specific results. This doesn’t sound good.


Easy to share

New Google privacy policy tells that, what they aim, They will make share and collaborate easier. It will be easier to share documents and make necessary changes from different locations. This will make sharing in any Google products or service with minimal clicks and errors. Interesting…


Google Privacy Policy Change

Google Privacy Policy Chance

What they claim is… This is the most important. Protecting our privacy hasn’t change. They say, other than legal requests, they won’t share any personal information or sell it. Sounds good but still…

You can read Google privacy policy change at this link.

Google privacy policy change

Google privacy policy change brings fresh air to Google experience.

If you have questions about Google Privacy Policy Chance you can visit Google FAQ.



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