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How to write a Statement of Purpose

In this article, we are going to describe how to write an efficient, good statement of purpose (SOP).

Statement of purpose is important because It can make your application be accepted or not. Either you state it good or not, its so influential on your application. This letter is optimum 1 page length. Most universities will require and read your statement of purpose carefully when considering your application.

Keep it clean, keep it smart. Do not repeat, do not break the flow. Make brain storming, and let your ideas rest in a harmony to document. Never write something extra, ideas they may exist or not. Write what is necessary. Do not repeat words, adjectives, use different words. Focus on what you did, and what you want to do and how important this application for you towards your goals. Be always honest, do not say anything that you cannot prove. Be specific, don’t be general. Use exact dates and times, exact headings of documents and use exact titles you got awarded.

Your first paragraph is them most important part of your statement of purpose. The reason is, most professors, graduate committees, read your first paragraph, and decide if it is worth to read more. That’s why, you can write your first paragraph as a short outline, and your intention to write this letter. Take their attention. Write at what school you are, what education level, your current status.

Write about your experiences, social clubs that you attended, anything significant that helps to describe you in the following paragraphs.

In the last paragraph, write why you apply and what it will add to you and them.

As a note, add what documents you attached to the application folder.

Try not to just copy/paste if you are applying (you should) several universities, several positions. What is a good practice is, make a modular text, that you fill and change some modular sentences, phrases according to the application of interest. If you do not know name or gender of person who will read this, start with Dear Sir or Madam, .

If you have any ideas, questions about how to write statement of purpose, please comment below and lets discuss.

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