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iPhone 4S New features outlined

I am going to outline new features of iPhone 4S here.

AirPlay Mirroring

Airplay mirroring will make iPhone 4S as a house console that you can control your devices.
iPhone 4S AirPlay Mirroring


Siri – Artificial Intelligence


Siri is the artificial intelligence technology found at iPhone 4S which answers your questions and take its actions like, answering you about weather, and setting alarm for you.


iPhone 4S Siri

iPhone 4S Siri image


Speech recognition


You talk and iPhone 4S writes.


iPhone 4S speech recognition


iPhone 4S Prices

3 models:

16 GB 199$
32 GB 299$
64 GB 399$
with two year contracts.


Product calendar to be available in countries


iPhone 4S Calendar


You want to watch advertisement video by Apple about iPhone 4S?
Here is our post linked at its image.


iPhone 4S advertisement video

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