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Youtube New Interface – New Look

It seems now youtube turned to be a better social platform, better interacting with google + and facebook. It seems so much better compared to new adsense and new gmail looks. Here you can read more about Youtube new interface, youtube new look.

What is good about youtube new interface is, you can now better personalize it. You can sign in youtube, and make it ur new home.

Learn more about Youtube New Interface

New Youtube Interface

Browse Categories

You can view categories in a better way. It is much more effective compared to old method. Browse youtube categories with this new look better.

Preview Channel Content

You can now easily preview a channels content, with simple one click.

Subscribe and View Subscriptions

You can subscribe and view you subscriptions, you were following lectures and want to watch recent videos, its lot easier now.

Youtube + Google + Facebook

You can now make a good youtube homepage, connect facebook and google + to your youtube account, making it a good online media centre.

Here you can see new interface of youtube. I am pretty much impressed of it.
Youtube New Look

New Youtube interface brings such a better experience. Seems we will have more fun watching online youtube videos. Here is the link for you to make it easy. Visit youtube new interface, it’s cool new look now.

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