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How to sleep?

In order to reduce the total amount of time you spend sleeping, you must increase the quality of your sleep first. Both light exposure and your activity levels affect your body temperature rhythm in a very big way. high intensity light has a huge effect on the strength of your sleeping system.

If you expose yourself to light during the day, your body temperature rhythm will “peak” at a higher point and will fall at a later point. You’ll experience better sleep and will be able to lower your amount of sleep. If you get inadequate light exposure your body temperature will be closer to “flat-lining”, preventing quality sleep and lowering your energy levels throughout the day. Lack of sunlight also inhibits melatonin hormone secretion, this further promotes lower energy levels and sleep difficulties.


Indoors, we experience an average of 1-500 luxes of light.
At sunrise, we experience an average of 5,000 to 10,000 luxes of light.
During noon and the early afternoon we experience an average of 50,000 to 100,000 luxes of light.
At sun-set we experience 5,000 to 10,000 luxes of light.

If you currently spend less than 1 hour getting high-intensity light, you’re suffering from light deprivation! Remember, for your eyes spending the day indoors is the equivalent of spending it in total darkness. The more “darkness” you expose yourself to during the day, the poorer the sleep you’ll receive in return. Now that you have an idea of how much light you get, make plans to get as much sunlight during the day as possible. However, don’t go out hard-core and try to get 16 hours of sunlight in one day, you’re going to get sunburn! Use your common sense.

If you live near the equator then light is pretty intense all year round, and you shouldn’t have problems. However, if you live further from the equator then it will naturally be more difficult for you to obtain light during the winter. This is why most people are lower on energy and usually sleep longer during the winter. If you have difficulty obtaining natural sunlight because of your work schedule or because of the winter season, you may consider purchasing an artificial light generator.

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