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Do you want to read best technology articles, product reviews, technology news online? is a German site where various experts daily publish. What you can find at is: Test Für PC News Für PC Games Für PC Wallpapers Für PC ScreenShot Popular articles at Fetih 1453 AMD Trinity Zuschauerzahlen Fetih 1453 John Carter Zwischen zwei Welt… ... Read More »

Technology: Challenger explosion video

Challenger Explosion

In this video, you can view first amateur video record of Challenger shuttle explosion. First amateur video of Challenger shuttle explosion revealed. It is recorded by Jeffry and they are watching and getting amazed by the event. This sad video shows Challenger explosion. Challenger disaster video: “I was hoping to see an event that I would remember for the rest ... Read More »

Google Seaview – Catlin Seaview Survey Videos

We have written two articles about Google Seaview. You can read them: GOOGLE SEAVIEW – GOOGLE STREETVIEW REEF GOOGLE STREET VIEW IN THE GREAT BARRIER REEF In this article we are going to give Google Seaview videos. Here you can watch Catlin Seaview Survey videos. Will be updated as they are available. Official Seaview videos. Read More »

Google Seaview – Google Streetview Reef

We have announced here Google streetview at Great Barrier Reef as being introduced. Now Google Seaview is available. Seaview service by Google is supplies less amount of images because the real data for service to be available to full extent is September 2012. Google now serves images from Australian Great Barrier Reef and soon they will be serving images from ... Read More »

Google Tablet

Google Tablet is on the way. Google now produces it’s own tablet. Google Android on Google Tablet will be just more than awesome. To be honest, it is so hard to wait for an awesome tablet by Google. Google quality on a tablet. Google Tablet, I hope this information is so true and we will have amazing tablets produced by ... Read More »


Android OS is just high quality like Google. It is really good to see what Google did compared to Microsoft and Apple. Gz Google for Android OS. Read More »

iPhone 4 Wallpapers

Do you want to see best iPhone 4 Wallpapers? Do you want to use the best iPhone 4 Wallpapers on your iPhone? If you want to enjoy your iPhone more, you should try the best wallpapers online, iPhone 4 Wallpapers. It has always been fun to change how your pc, laptop, iPhone look. The easiest way to do this is ... Read More »

Android market now has over than 400000 apps

Google mobile operating system Android now has 400 thousand apps. Yes you heard right, Android Market now has 400000 applications, and growing even more daily. Android Market There was an announcement that there existed 500 thousand applications at Anroid Market however now new information doesn’t include the ones deleted, that only includes one currently used and available. Android Applications In ... Read More »

Domain names will be more expensive to reg

People who buy domains, who own domains. Just be fast. 15 January 2012 is a critical date for you. How? This article is about the domains whose prices will increase. The most used .com and .net domain names right owner Verisign had a scheduled, planned price increase. After 15 January 2012, Verisign will increase the prices of domain registering. Firm ... Read More »

Best notebook – Asus Ultrabook – Zenbook concept review

Best notebook – Asus Ultrabook – Zenbook concept review In this article, we are going to mention about Best notebook so far with a proper price, the Asus Ultrabook, Zenbook concept. I bought one ultrabook, Asus Zenbook, 13″ and 4GB i5 model. I loved the design, weight, keyboard, the screen and its brightness and everything. The only problem I saw ... Read More »